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Zash digs deep into the character’s psyche of internal conflict to deliver a stunning performance as a true antagonizing villain. Much of the hurt and suffering we see in Eli comes from the forceful nature of Chris’s role in his life. Zash transforms the character from a simple ‘bad guy’ into a deeply torn character ripe with his own conflict, but stays true to the narcissistic element, making every moment about him regardless of the situation. His moments of interaction with Eli are played out with extreme intensity and Zash is particularly vocally expressive, using tone and volume to portray anger and frustration on a frighteningly apparent level.                            


 - DC Metro Theatre Arts' review of Slipping

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As a sex object, Christopher Zash (in a body-hugging wet suit) is certainly more appealing than any number of Nick’s other beaus. He’s handsome, he’s witty, and he’s a little bit dangerous on their first date at the beach


- City Paper's review of Swimming in the Shallows

Zash is perfectly cast as the young Roustabout with a gorgeous velvet voice and looks to match. ...he becomes alive and delivers a strong performance.


- Showbiz Radio's review of All Shook Up

2010 - present

2010 - present

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